Here are some highlights from the Cecil Airport Advisory Committee (CAAC ) held 5/7/2018. The Cecil Commerce Center is quickly growing as a major asset to Jacksonville. Major firms are locating here, Amazon, Grace Aerospace, Jinko Solar and GE are a few, with employment opportunities available.

Planning on a Mega site is being developed for the north section of Cecil Field bounded by I-10 and Normandy Blvd., along with an access road for future Industrial and manufacturing business.

Plans for JFRD Fire Station (STA. 73) are presently being reviewed and news of ground breaking will be announced soon.

The Spaceport plans are ongoing with the concrete foundation starting this week. One of the type vehicles considered for Suborbital launch is the XCOR Lynx, a 27.9’ length, 24.0’ wingspan vehicle. A Single Stage Suborbital Spacecraft. Horizontal take off, powered ascent to Mach 2.9,190,000 feet and Apogee of 328.000 feet before returning to launch site. Total flight time 30 Minutes. Future development for repair/maintenance facilities for F-18, F-22 and F-35 aircraft is being Looked at. Currently there are two sites for demolition of aircraft, both out west for large aircraft. Both facilities are backed up. The 5th 757 has been parked out at Cecil. This could lead to developing into a future facility.

Source: Phil Rohm

This expansion of Cecil Commerce Center will directly affect the areas surrounding the center. If you are considering selling your home now is a great time. Inventory is low and more families are moving into this area. Call today if you have any real estate questions 904-502-9432

PAULA WYNN – REALTOR® at EXIT Real Estate Gallery (904) 502-9432. Paula services the entire northeast Florida area which consists of Jacksonville, Orange Park, Green Cove, Middleburg, Lake Asbury, Jacksonville Beaches, and surrounding areas. With Paula Wynn, your real estate transaction is always a win!


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